Etsy Top 5 – Chevron For The Superstar

Back with my weekly Etsy Top 5, I have for the past few weeks been struggling with how to style Grayson’s room once we move. We can not decorate as private rented so it means I like to bring in colour as much as possible to break up the dullness of cream walls.

Grayson with no communication has no real likes, this will be his 1st time in a room on his own in nearly 2 years, the room will be made up mainly of his new Special Needs Safe Space Bed (when it arrives)  – Grayson is awake more hours than most, he doesn’t produce Melatonin to keep himself  asleep and as he struggles very much with noise and sensory overload issues, his room will mainly be focused around alot of sensory lights and projectors, so to go along with the bright colours Mr Innocent Charmer suggested Rainbows.

Grayson is now 4 so I felt that rainbows maybe a little child like for him, then as I was scouring the internet today I came to a happy medium, Rainbow Chevron designs, a modern version of a Rainbow, or as we call them in our house Rainarcs.

etsy top 5

So my Etsy Top 5 this week is focusing on Chevrons and items suitable for Grayson’s room.


Don’t forget if you have a lovely Etsy shop feel free to leave me a link and if you see any Chevron goodies on your travels give me a shout.

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