Ever Wondered What Cadbury World Is like?

Well, I now know, after receiving the best email ever from Superbreak offering us to review a day trip to Cadbury World, I mean who would say NO to free chocolate, not us.

My first experience dealing with the Cadbury World team was through the booking line, you ring and reserve a designated time slot to avoid overcrowding and queues, it was a very helpful service, quick and efficient, they were even very knowledgeable in how easy it would be to take our son in a wheelchair.

When arriving at Cadbury World (which is an easy drive even from Kent) we found ample parking and from our point of view a great deal of disabled parking with great smooth ramps to get Grayson into Cadbury World with no issues.

We had arrived 45 minutes earlier than our allotted slot but as it wasn’t super busy, they said we could go straight in, it was a case of printing tickets and off we went, as we entered the tour all 4 of us (even Addison at 8mths) were given 2 free chocolate bars a Crunchie and Curly Wurly, this was lovely to munch on as you went around Cadbury Worlds Self Guided tour, which they estimate takes 3 hrs.

We were hugely pleased it was a Self Guided Tour, this I think is their biggest achievement, as no matter the age of your children you need to go at their pace, also for children like Grayson (autistic/disabled) this alleviated any concerns of him upsetting other patrons with outbursts etc.

Babies and I starting the tour

The tour is split into 14 Zones, which you can visit all of or just what you want, it starts with the Aztec Jungle, which for some children may be a little dark, but Addy loved looking around. Its followed by 2 great cinema experiences, these tell you the history of Cadbury which was very interesting and makes you realise the true greatness of Cadbury not only for their Chocolate but their company values and ethics, the 2nd part of the cinema experience is interactive with moving seats etc and a great deal of fun for children.

You then get to see some of the packing and manufacturing plant, this is not a factory tour so you aren’t in with the machines, but through the glass, you get to see chocolate moving on conveyor belts, this was fun to watch, you are also given more chocolate, yum.

Then like any great attraction you can get novelty family photo’s done, which we partook in, actually our first family shot of all 4 of us, the lady was very helpful and let us take a couple of shots till Grayson wasn’t freaking out, she also helped by having Grayson’s wheelchair put safe whilst we boarded the Cadabra Car Ride, a great little gentle ride with singing chocolate beans, Grayson was a little tired at this time but I have never seen Addison so excited and mesmerised before. I think she would have stayed in there for hours but off we got and for the 2nd time that day tried out the Baby Changing Services. We were impressed by both sets of facilities which we used, we found them to be clean and warm, with no lingering smells.

We then moved along the tour enjoying writing our names in chocolate, seeing chocolate shoes being made and decorated, eating scrummy yummy melted chocolate pots and watching the Gorilla from the Cadbury Advert play the drums (so fun).

The last part of the tour in building 1 was Purple Planet, a great interactive, virtual play zone, where you can splat Cadbury’s Cream Eggs or dance with Malteasers. Addison and Grayson loved watching all the lights and hearing people laugh whilst having fun.

Building 2 is a short walk across the car park (all cordoned off) this is a little disappointing in the winter months as the children froze, I would have preferred it to be in a tunnel just to protect them from the elements.

Once you are there, there is the Bournville Experience, a great little history on the company and Bournville village itself, it was lovely to see how Cadbury Built up such a beautiful village, there is also more interactive attractions, where you get to make your own advert (all this is great for children) as we experienced from the school trip going round at the same time with us, you then lastly have the Essence department, which allows you to have another very tasty melted pot of chocolate and add your own ingredients, I had Rice Krispies with mine and Ashley Jelly Babies (eww).

There are 2 Cadbury Shops at Cadbury World, both selling more chocolate bars than you can imagine and at fantastic prices, obviously it wouldn’t have been a full tour if we had not purchased some for our trip home, they also do cute little trinket items including pens/tea towels etc as well as information and cookery books on you guessed it, Chocolate.

So did we enjoy Cadbury World?

Overall we liked the experience, we definitely agree that it is not an all-day attraction & believe this is reflected in the price, we were pleased to find Cadbury World very clean and tidy and liked the little touches of continuity with Carpets etc, there are good eating facilities at Cadbury World which are pretty standard price for a family attraction.

The outdoor kids play area was excellent (although our children were too young).
The hubby and I definitely enjoyed the day more than our little 2, who we felt are just a little too young to enjoy the full experience.
We shall be returning in the future when Addison is that little older, we feel it is a great place for children 3 and up as there are so many fun interactive adventures for them too enjoy.

We were very pleased with the disabled accessibility of Cadbury World, the walkways were plenty large enough to walk through, the staff were courteous and helpful and Grayson could even slide up to the Video Machines that showed him how his favourite Buttons were made.

Our only negatives for the whole trip were that we found inside the building to be a little chilly and although we were warned with signs that they were improving part of Cadbury World we felt some pretty pictures would have made it look less construction like.

So thanks to Superbreak for giving us the opportunity to take our first trip to Cadbury World, why not go yourself and enjoy some yummy chocolate, if like us you fancy a couple of days away then don’t forget to check out Birmingham Hotel Packages here.

Disclosure – We were given free tickets from Superbreak to give our opinions and views of Cadbury World.

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