Why Everyone Should Buy A Brug!

Don’t you love it when you find a product that is so good not only do you get such good value for money but you also just want to tell everyone about it?

Well for me that is the BRUG!

I remember when I first got asked to review the Brug from Wunderlife I was excited as we love going out and about for picnics but I won’t lie I also thought well it isn’t very pretty and it is a little pricey for a Picnic Blanket.

But then I used the BRUG and realised I was wrong in those first thoughts.

Firstly it is not a Picnic Rug, well it is but it is also so much more, the word BRUG simply stands for Bag + Rug and that it is.

We first started using it in Winter and mainly in our house, it is excellent for indoor picnics as well as messy crafts such as painting and kinetic sand as it is waterproof and machine washable (hallelujah) so no worrying about our carpets.

Then as the rain stopped we used the BRUG still as mainly a picnic rug for woodland walks and wet sandy beaches, Mother’s Day I am sure people thought we were crazy as I enjoyed a Hot Chocolate down at Minnis Bay on my BRUG, I had no wet bum and I got to enjoy the sea air.

Then after reading more into the BRUG and working out how easy it is to turn into a bag, we have also used it to carry the 500 things my kids find beachcombing, dirty buckets and I even hung a scooter from it when they got bored.

It is simply the best product I have had the pleasure of using the past 6 months, I love it. We have tested it in all conditions, it has gone through my machine and it has been life-changing for us as a family allowing us to get out and about all year round. It has even been a waterproof cover Grayson’s legs in his wheelchair.

It lives in our car boot, only coming in the house for messy play sessions and washing, I want it to be there so that when we pop out we always have it as it has so many uses, I thought I would list a few just in case my words above have not convinced you enough.

  • Waterproof picnic rug for beach/woodland walks
  • Bag to carry muddy wet wellies home
  • Bag to carry all those treasures and bits from the Beach
  • Bag to carry items for a playdate at the park and then a picnic rug once there
  • Messy Play rug at home
  • Cover to go on wet or damp benches
  • Waterproof warm blanket for pushchairs/ wheelchairs

If that still isn’t enough let the ladies who created it convince you as tonight they are on Channel 4’s Show  Buy It Now at 5.30pm or 6.30pm on +1 sharing their product and baring their souls on how they created the BRUG.

Brug was perfect for Addison’s party this weekend as although the ground was damp no Children were

I shall be showing my support and I really hope the people on the show see what I have, it is a product I shall continue to recommend and share online and in everyday life.



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