Exciting News – I Am Going To Be An Auntie!

I have known this little treasure for over 9 weeks up to now, but my Sister gets superstitious and wouldn’t let me share, but on Friday she had her 12/13 week scan and all was great, so I am finally allowed to share the news.

In some weird way I feel more excited about being an Auntie than being a Mummy, I am not sure why, I have waited a while, none of my siblings have children yet, my baby sister shall be the 1st. Although I do have a niece and nephew from Mr Innocent Charmer’s Sister there is something different about it being your sibling and even more so your sister I think.

I already know that Mr Innocent Charmer and I will be involved in there lives a great deal, we shall probably baby sitting at least one day a week when my sister returns to work, even nicer is the fact that Sweetpea and his new cousin (I am favouring nephew in my head) will have only 6 months between them, how lovely will this be ?

So here is the little bean, due 24th December 2013.

sisters scan picture

Congrats to My Sister and Her Hubby.


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