Exploring Whitstable On A Day Date

Ashley and I have been together 16 years this month. Right from the beginning there was a lot against us being happy. I have spoke of how Ashley “saved me”, how we fell in love before we had even met and how life is certainly not all rosy in our marriage.

But without a doubt I know I want to spend all my years with Ashley, although I will not lie since having the children we have not always thought that would be possible.

Our relationship is pushed daily, having a child like Grayson adds an extra pressure which not many will get through, it is sad to say so many families in our situation do not stay together.

At the end of 2017 we were really struggling, a large part due to my mental health and anxiety. We love each other fiercely, he is my best friend and the only person I entirely trust in the whole world. So we knew we would have to spend 2018 focussing on both our own personal demons (which we are trying) but also to make some very crucial time for us as a couple.

Without little chance to go out come the evenings or weekends just the two of us, we have tried to make sure that at least once a fortnight on a day off we make the most of the school hours. Every couple needs to I think, a day date can be as much fun as that of a date night, even more if like me you are so tired.

We have also made it our mission to explore some of the local towns near us and enjoy little cafes/restaurants that we would not go into with the children.

So here is a little look at our day in Whitstable, which is already one of my favourite places to visit but we got to try out a new little Cafe, Samphire, some new (and old) favourite shops and enjoyed clearing my head down on the beach….

If you are local do you have any suggestions on places we need to visit on ur day dates?

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