Finding Happiness

These past few weeks I have been reminded in many conversations and through blog posts, that only we are in control of our happiness.

I have many parts of my life which cause me upset and issues that are unchangeable, many years ago these would control me, they would be my main focus, many years ago I had no control of my Bipolar/Manic Depression, I can’t honestly say I am hugely in control now, but since having my babies my main focus has been them and their happiness is what has kept me strong, kept me going through life, that is still the case and shall always be, but I have realised I have to also do things that make me happy just for me.

So how to do this, my friend Sonia has started writing a new blog, all about Finding Her Inner Girl, the part of her that makes her feel happy and beautiful, I found this so inspiring, it reminded me of a question I was recently asked “What do you do for you each week?” I had no answer, I haven’t had what they call “ME” time for a while, this person suggested I needed some each week, I explained this is highly unlikely, our time is very stretched, but I did promise to try to make time for me, for simple things and grand gestures.

So today I thought about how could I make this possible, what would I like to do, other than sleep of course? As I sat at work filling in many spread sheets it hit me, I am a list maker, I mean on a grand scale, I always have approximately 20/25 lists on a go for different things, it’s what keeps me in check and makes me happy, a couple of years ago I started the Day Zero Project, if you are unsure what it is, go take a read, but quick answer a list of 101 things you want to complete in 1001 days. I loved it, once I got over the concept I needed to complete it, so I made the decision today to start a new list, to think of 101 things that would be fun, that I have wanted to do.

So here is my start, please leave any suggestions of what you would add to your list, maybe they will help to inspire me for mine and if you start your own Day Zero Project let me know too.

  • Get Another Tattoo
  • Make Malteaser Shakes
  • Have a Facial
  • Paint A Piece of Pottery
  • Go On A Cake Decorating Workshop
  • Visit A Gallery

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