Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair Review – Part 3

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review the new Fisher Price High Chair, I decided that to give our families best opinion I would make the review 3 part over 3 posts.

Part 1 – Description of Highchair, Ease of Assemble and initial views – Found Here.

Part 2 – Grayson’s use of the chair – views of use for a toddler and disabled child – Found Here.

Part 3 – Addison’s use of the chair – now as a Newborn and once we start weaning – Below.

So here is our views on Addison’s use.

When Fisher Price designed the high chair, they had the following in mind…

“Height and recline features are designed with
mum in mind, with plenty of easily adjustable
settings to make sure dinner time is always
comfortable for little ones. And the grow-with-me
design provides the perfect pew for babies from
newborn to toddler.”

This fell right into our family when sent to us, Addison was one week old and always wanted to be in eye sight, so I knew I would need to have her with me at all times.
I firstly tried having her in the kitchen in her rocker but that was hard on my back and I was frightened of her being that low in the Kitchen.

I started putting Addy in the highchair from 1 1/2 months old, to be honest Addison has shown signs of being very strong since she was born, the chair comes with great recline options and lays fairly far back, I would say for most babies this recline would be sufficient but in our opinion although the seat cushion is very well padded this highchair needed to have a head cushion to support little babies heads, we actually put one from Addison’s swing in but I think this would be a great addition.

From 2 1/2 months she has come in the highchair in the Kitchen almost every day, as I said above she is very strong and can sit very well so has not needed to be fully reclined, this chair become a little of a life saver for us as Addison suffers with very bad reflux and it allowed her to be up a little whilst still fairly supported and if she was sick the easy clean fabric was a plus.

Then from 3 months Addison has started weaning (for medical reasons) I am hugely thankful for the Fisher Price chair, most Highchairs Addison would still be way too tiny for, (we have tried her in a few) but this one due to its cocooning seat is perfect, the straps are lovely and soft against her skin and although plastic for easy cleaning, they have a special coating which means they do not stick to baby.

As we have used the chair for both babies a little over the past month I was extra pleased with the ease of strap adjustment with the Fisher Price chair, they are literally quick release lift and snap clips (don’t know the technical name but here’s a piccy) they work so well, by far to date the best I have ever seen.

Here’s a little video of Addison helping me with the cooking in the kitchen, I think you can see she really enjoys being up high with Mummy.

Things we liked/loved and reasons.

  • As said in previous post and above the Height Adjustment, it has allowed us to have both babies at table/feeding height, as well as having Addy at a height to help Mummy cook.
  • The recline options so Addison (newborn) can join in mealtimes.
  • Seat Cushion Pattern – Addison loves the bright animals on the cushion she turns to look at them and talk, all great for baby development.
  • Seat Cushion material – It really is such an easy wipe clean surface, Addison can be a little hands on in feeding and wipes them every where, sticky fruit wiped off in seconds with a baby wipe. The cushion is also removable within a minute to go in the washer.
  • Wheels- the wheels on the front of the highchair were fantastic for allowing me to move Addison around the Kitchen when in there for different reasons.

So for us as you can tell from both posts the chair has been a great addition for our family, as before our only issues were that of Tray Size for the Dishwasher/Floor Print of the Highchair and needing a head cushion but to be honest all of these are easily overcome and not deal breakers.

I hope you have enjoyed finding our views on the Fisher Price Easy Clean High Chair, we feel it lives up to its name and would work well for a growing family.

It can be found at the following retailers for a RRP of £100.

Disclosure – We were sent this high chair from Fisher Price FOC for our views.

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