Fisher Price Starlight Mobile Review

I love Fisher Price Projection toys, we have had 2 in the past, the 1st the Precious Planets Mobile we bought for Grayson just after he was born and to this day it still is on his big boy bed, he no longer has the mobile bit but he loves his “pictures” as we call them and they project onto the ceiling every night to send him to sleep. When we had Addison we took the mobile to her cot, for 2 nights, as Grayson would not sleep without it, thankfully Fisher Price kindly sent us StoryBook Projector. This went down well too.

So I knew we would want a Fisher Price Projector for Deacon, so I was very happy when they sent me their new Starlight Mobile. It was like fate as Deacon’s bedroom is Star themed and this gorgeous mobile projects Stars and Moons onto the ceiling.

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The mobile was very easy to put together and simply fits onto the cot with a plastic hook system, so no screwing.

So What Do We Think ?

It has so many settings which I think is fantastic, you can choose to have everything happening or just one thing. At night we have the lullabies playing along with the stars on the ceiling, this really does send Deacon off to sleep, then during the day I set it to have the Teddies and holographic stars dancing above him, he always giggles when they are on.


There are 2 sound settings, I honestly find both a little loud, we only use the lower one and I think it is still too loud for a baby. The star’s light up incredibly well on the ceiling, not too bright that they illuminate the room, but not too wishy-washy that you can’t even determine what they are, that is an improvement on the Precious Planets mobile.


I do like the mobile and for £25 – 35 RRP I think this is incredibly reasonable, I have a couple of Cons, I personally find the mobile part to hang too low, but then I like to have my cot on the high level, Deacon at 9 weeks old can already reach them, which worries me a little, but he thinks it is amusing and bats them like he does his playmat.

Also I wish like the precious planets it grew with the child and the mobile part could come off but the projector and music still worked, as I know that he will like this as his brother does for years to come.


Would I Buy It ?

Yes, I think this is a great purchase and I would recommend to family, my Sister who is currently pregnant actually prefers this for her future daughter to that of the precious planets mobile.

I have to agree this would certainly be less likely to keep children too alert at bedtime and has a lovely nighttime feel.

Disclosure – We were sent the Fisher Price mobile FOC for our honest opinions.

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