Five Things This Friday

You may remember a couple of months ago I started sharing these 5 things on a Friday post. A way of keeping you up to date with little (or big) news and favourites that you just want to shout about, well here is my 5 this week, So grab a cuppa and have a read…


I have mentioned my love of podcasts a few times on the blog.

Today though I am coming to you with two new podcasts which I listen to the second a new episode is realeased.

Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed with Chris & Rosie

Chris and Rosie Ramsey husband and wife duo are roar out loud funny, so much so my Dad had to ask me to quieten down as I listened at work.

Basically they discuss married life, very frankly, answer questions sent in from the public, imagine foursomes, romance at work, sex after children and much much more. It really is hilarious, just listen to one episode and I think you will be hooked.

BodyCons With Molly and Lottie

Very different from above BodyCons is a collection of epidsodes discussing body images in the modern world. They head all over the country meeting many different people chatting from every angle on the subject.

Only a couple of episodes in and I am hooked, if body image positive or negative is something you have views or feelings on then I urge you to have a listen.

A Creative Escape

Following on from my Friday Five and  how I was taking 15 minutes Creative time, I have only gone and set up a whole new Instagram account for my creative projects.

I would love you to come give me a follow if that is your sort of thing, I have many projects lined up to do and share, from upcycling clothes and furniture to creating wall art and jewellery.

I am loving finding a whole new community of creatives.

ZeroWater Filtration Jug

We were gifted the ZeroWater Filtration Jug a few weeks ago.

ZeroWater benefits from a patented, 5-stage Ion Exchange Filtration system which removes virtually all dissolved solids from your water. This provides great tasting water without the dissolved solids which may include Minerals, Salts, Metals, Chemicals and Runoff.

It has made such a difference to our household. Where we live water is apaling, so metallic in taste, cloudy and horrible to drink, but since having the Jug I have been drinking actual water from the tap (well jug).

ZeroWater Filtration Jug Review Fro Innocent Charms Chats

Not only that the difference in taste of Tea is amazing, I always thought boiling the water would take away the nasty taste of our water but since having the ZeroWater Jug I have found out that isn’t the case.

We love the handy pour button spout on the side too as it means the kids are also drinking more as they can help themselves to water without needing to pull out a stool to reach the sink or covering themselves as our tap speed is fast.

ZeroWater Filtration Jug Review At Innocent Charms Chats
The Ordinary Lovely

I am trying to get back into reading blogs more, up until this year I would read a few posts a day, every day.

Rachel who writes The Ordinary Lovely has been one of my Insta crushes for years now but I hadn’t been on her blog for ages.

This past week I have been catching up and she has some gorgeous content. Interiors, Crafts, beautiful photography and so much more.

Amazing Cricut Flowers created by
Picture Property The Ordinary Lovely

You know she must be good too as she writes the GLTC blog for them, she is all round a lovely lady.

H & M Home

H & M Home has always been a firm favourite of mine, they offer fairly affordable homewares which always have quite a Scandi feel to them.

Last week we were in Bluewater so I actually got to go into store and get to feel the products not just on a website (I still prefer real shopping).

We picked up quite a few bits including Black Cultery but we left behind just as many which I am lusting for.

Here are just 5 things that are on my current wish list…

Sharing my top H & M Home homeware favourites at Innocent Charms Chats

Pot/Cushion/Cup/Basket/Plant Pot

So there are the five things I thought you would all be interested in this week, do let me know if you listen to the podcasts and what you think.

Oh I have an extra if that is ok, I am so proud as Jen Stanbrook had me guest post over at her fairly new Fashion Blog, Style Brief last month. Jen is one of my all time inspirations that I have met through the online world, she is a hugely successful Pinterest Guru, Interiors Blogger and now over 40s Fashion Blogger, I would love for you to go and have a read of my post if you to are into Fashion and Beauty.

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