Five Things This Friday

Do you ever have those little things, mini life-changing things that happen and you want to share them, but they don’t warrant a whole blog post?

Well, I do and inspired by my amazing friend Morgana of Coffee Work Sleep Repeat I thought I would put them in a little Friday round-up post.

May not be weekly but at least every few.

This week has been a little meh, not sure why, no reason but sometimes that’s just how my mood is, we have a busy Saturday and a quiet Sunday (hoorah) so hopefully I can enjoy some self-care time.

15 Minute Creative Time

Creativity is my word for 2019 ( more on that in a dedicated post) but not much had happened so far. Then on Tuesday, I had an epiphany, I was trying to carve out time from a day for a big project but I made sure if I allowed myself 15 minutes of creative time each day I may have more success and I have!

Easy Tassel Making from innocent Charms Chats

I can find 15 minutes in a day and I started a project Tuesday which today I have just finished. I feel so much better for it and there was no pressure.

Sex Education

Not to my kids, but the show on Netflix. I honestly have not laughed out loud at a programme in forever. Gillian Anderson looks amazing, the storylines are funny but lighthearted and the acting is pretty good. The only thing I found odd was that it does not have a definitive era, 70’s, 80’s or current day who knows.

Good Make Up

I have always loved makeup, since my early teens I would spend every spare penny on it and still had some from then, but since receiving Urban Decay Palettes last year it really changed my want to have drawers full of eyeshadow.

There is a reason sometimes to spend money on decent makeup. Their eyeshadow is pigmented, need very little and lasts all day.

Next, I need to find a foundation which achieves the same results.


If you follow me on Instagram you will know a community is massively important for me, I have always believed it to be one of the biggest reasons to be on social media.

Picture Property CWS Creatives

When I saw the above quote on CWS Creatives Insta this week I cheered, then shared. It reminded me even more how every few days I want to share more of the people I love on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there if you too enjoy meeting new people.

It also finally gave me the push to arrange some cake dates with local gals from Insta that I have yet met, role on next Friday and meeting Mum Reinvented.


I speak frequently of my love for M&S, they are a shop that no matter your age, gender or size you can shop at. I popped in today to pick up some underwear for the kids and fell in love with so much, here are my top 5 from each of the departments.

M & S Must Haves for January 2019 from Innocent Charms Chats
Kids Rainbow Jumper / Bedding / Women’s Trousers / Lipstick / Mens Blazer

There you go, a little roundup of 5 things that I wanted to share this week.

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