Flashback Friday, Looking Back On This Day

My first thing I do when I pick up my phone is check out Timehop. If you haven’t heard of the app its brilliant, it combines all your social media and phone storage and looks back in time on that day and shows your best bits.

I love to look back, remind myself of the good times, smile at old pictures, look at the changes in our children and how far we have come.

So today I thought I would Flashback to the 11th August in my life….

10 years ago the main focus of my blog was my Jewellery that I made and sold, I miss it so much it really gives me pleasure to create and then see people like my pieces.

6 years ago this little girl was only 3 months old, she had just finally started to settle from severe colic and reflux. Ashley gave her her first Barbie, he bought it when we found out she was a girl.

5 years ago it was my Sisters Hen Day. I arranged a secret day out of things I thought she would enjoy, including a cheeky Pims as I topped up the car park, she got married just over a week later.

4 years ago the description read

This is happening right now #neverbethin

After a not much sleep kind of night we put the kids in the car and they all napped and we had McDonalds Breekie, sometimes you just need a few minutes peace as a Mama.

2 years ago watching my big babies enjoy fun in my Moms garden together, Grayson was just finding his feet again after his head injury, this picture means so much to me, I remember looking at them and being so thankful that 2 months earlier we had nearly lost this.

1 year ago a lovely warm Summers day, we headed to a local garden and had a wonderful family picnic day, all the kids were on top form, enjoying the space and time together as a family.

How life has changed, how looking at a photo can bring back so many memories, some you may have forgotten. Do you use Timehop? Do you love looking back?


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