Nice’N’Easy Foaming Colour – Review

Please bear with me this is my first ever review. Non sponsored by the way.

I have died my hair for about 15 years, I have tried every colour/brand and gimmick. So when I saw Nice N Easy’s new foam colour I was not convinced, but as they are my favourite do it yourself brand of hair colour and it was on special I thought I should give it a go.

Before of hair Colour (Please excuse the state of me pre-shower)
I have super thick long hair so always use 2/3 packets of dye, this time I bought 2 hoping for the best.
My hair currently has a horrible red undertone to it, so I bought a Medium Redish Brown, to firstly try and cover the orange but also keep it a warm tone.
It works much in the same as standard hair dye you mix 2 pots together and shake super well, my only criticism comes at this point, the first few squirts out where more liquid than foam, I am not sure if this is due to not shaking for long enough or not leaving for long enough after mixing or just how the product is, but after that it was really easy to apply.
It comes out much like a light shaving mouse and you just rub into dry hair, I myself have long hair and found this to be alot less messy than the usual liquid, it also seemed to get into the roots underneath alot better and produce a better coverage for this reason than the standard hair dyes.
It washes off much the same as any other hair dye, the conditioner that comes with it is lovely and made my hair silky smooth after.

After shot as you can see nice dark coverage and very shiny.
I have waited a month to review this product so I could tell you how I have felt the fade has been. This is a permanent hair colour but like most it has faded down, the red tone in my hair is more prominent but that I believe is not due to the product but how garish the red currently is on my hair and due to my pregnancy hormones.
So all in all I was pleased with the product and I shall defiantly be giving it another go in next month or so and let you know how it goes that time.

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