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*Updated 25th Jan 2020, scroll to end*

Christmas is the time we spend with our family, exchanging gifts, smiling hard and usually eating a lot of food.

We have such a large split family all our Christmas days are spent out being fed yummy lunches and dinners, so in our house we like to have special Festive Breakfast as that is the only time the 5 of us are at home together.

The wonderful people at Brioche Pasquier sent us some yummies to celebrate Christmas Breakfast and share what we will be eating.

I love Brioche Pasquier and their products, I have been luckily enough to be taught how to bake Brioche with them before and they are just the best on the market.

Brioche French Toast Rolls

I decided to try a Breakfast I had been wanting to make for an age, it is so easy and I can not describe how tasty in words, we loved it so much so we are having every day this week – well it is nearly Christmas after all!

Brioche French Toast Rolls

8 * Slices of Brioche Pasquier Brioche Loaf

1* Egg

2* Tbsps Milk


8 * Tsps Sugar

1 * Tsp Ground Cinnamon

Filling of Choice – Chocolate Spread/Jam/Peanut Butter/Strawberries

Brioche French Toast Rolls

  • Cut the crusts from the bread and roll flat
  • Spread some of your filling across 1/3 of the bread, we had Chocolate Spread and finely chopped Strawberries
  • Roll Up
  • Mix together the Sugar and Cinnamon in a low bowl
  • Whisk together the Eggs and Milk
  • Heat the butter in a girdle or frying pan over a medium heat
  • Dip the Rolls in the egg mix so all coated then fry until each side is brown and toasted (approx 5 minutes)
  • Remove from heat and roll in Sugar mix till all sides coated
  • Serve and seriously enjoy

Brioche Pasquier Breakfast

We had ours with Croissants, Pain Au Lait, Strawberries and Jam, it was a seriously tasty breakfast.


What are you having for your Festive Breakfast ? I really recommend Brioche Pasquier, I have bought some Pain au Chocolat’s too, the kids love them and they can all go in the freezer.

Update – January 2020

Since this post we have made these at least a few times a year, they are a great dessert as well as Breakfast.

Things we have come to find out, you can use any bread, not just Brioche, brioche is sweeter though so I try to keep a few slices in the freezer.

Once you have cut the crusts off, blend them into breadcrumbs and keep them in the freezer, I use them for things like Burgers or Cauliflower Cheese.

We love these with so many fillings, Biscoff Spread, Peanut Butter, Reeses Chocolate Peanut butter, Almond Butter.

We have also added Bananas and Raspberries and both worked well.

Here is the ones we had this weekend, if you do give them a try or have any other suggestions for filings do let me know.

French Toast Treat Breakfast

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