Geomags Toy Review and Giveaway

There is nothing the kids love more than building things, their toys over the years have always been the same, it all started with those stackable pots as babies. Addison moved onto wooden blocks quickly and still will not see them leave the house now.

So when Geomags offered to send sets out for them to road test I knew Addison would be beyond excited. What I wasn’t prepared for was how well Deacon would take to them to.

Two sets arrived the Geomags Mechanics Collection and the Geomags Panels 192 piece set.

We started off playing with the classic panels set, it comes with simple instructions and ideas on what to create which Addison could easily follow without my help. Once she had made a few of the basic shapes though her imagination took over and houses were being built.

I was surprised at how well Deacon started to play with it, although he to loves to construct the Geomags is aged at 5+ and Deacon is still a little young, but once he understood the basic concept he to spent 3 hours constructing.

For me the instant love was the Educational aspect, Geomags state they are meeting STEM needs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and they are not wrong. Deacon loved creating basic shapes as he had been learning in school, with me setting him little challenges such as building a square and then discussing how many sides it had. He then went on to use several shapes to create a house of his own.

Addison and I then moved onto the Mechanics set, that allows the children to create in the same way as the panels but then to take it further making movable constructions using magnetic force. I could not have predicted how much Addison would love this set. She spent a whole afternoon just seeing how she could make the wheel spin using magnetic force and then even asked to research a little more into how it worked.

The sets have been a huge hit, not leaving the Kitchen table since they arrived a week ago, I wont lie I always love a toy which creates no mess, can be played with not only as a family but on their own as it allows their imagination and creativity to shine through.

Yes the sets are not on the cheap end of the toy scale, but these are classics and shall certainly like other constructible toys be played with for years over, they are worth the price tag and both have added extra sets to their Birthday lists. (Available to buy at Smyths and The Entertainer).

But don’t take my word for it, you can win your own Geomags Panels 192 piece set for your children (and adults) to put to the test for yourselves, I shall warn you though it is addictive.

Geomags Panel Set

The winner shall be picked at random using Gleam, prize is the responsibility of Geomags, you must be over 18 and reside in the UK to enter.

*PR Samples sent via Geomags

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