Getting the Best out of your Tumble Dryer

With it being a typical British Summer getting weather dry is becoming difficult, so we are in the process of buying a Tumble Dryer, so I thought I would share these fantastic tips with you.

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Getting the Best out of your Tumble Dryer

Getting laundered clothes dry is not always easy if the weather does not lend itself to hanging clothes outside. For this reason tumble dryers are very convenient appliances because they speed up the drying process and leave fabrics clean and soft. Owning one is therefore useful and the following are a few maintenance tips to help get the best out of a machine.

Keep the Lint Filter Clean

This task should be done after finishing each load of clothing. A build up of lint can restrict air flow through the filter so that it takes longer to dry a load. The result of this is the dryer having to work harder and running less efficiently. A lint filter is usually conveniently placed to make access easy and cleaning it is a simple job to keep an appliance working well and save energy in the process. Also clean around the filter area occasionally to remove any lint that accumulates.

Stick to Clean Loads

Stick to drying clothes that have just been washed to keep the interior drum clean. Putting in rain-soaked items will dry them quicker, but any dirt on these can get baked onto the drum walls and then be transferred onto the next clean load. Avoid this problem by resisting the temptation to dry soiled clothing.

Do Not Overload

Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to the size of loads. Overloading an appliance will make it work much less efficiently and this can lead to overheating and damage. Rather than just throwing in a tight bundle of wet clothing, take the time to separate the items and put them in individually. A tumble dryer can also work more efficiently with loads of the same material so it can be worth separating out similar fabrics and drying them together.

Clean the Rear

Cleaning the rear of a dryer can help keep air vents free of dust and dirt to make it work better. If your dryer is vented outside, check the outlet regularly to make sure there is no build up of dirt or material blocking the flow of air.

Tumble dryers are a simple option for getting clothes dried quickly and conveniently. This makes them a useful appliance to have and their compact size and shape mean they can fit in most properties. The tips above will help to keep a dryer in best condition and efficiently drying clothes load after load.

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