>Got to Try Etsy – challenge set

>Good Morning Dear Friends

Hope you are all well, thanks for replies to my Bag question, I will later be seeing if someone has a suitable match.

Now for the ETSY Challenge I have set myself.

I love Etsy I think it is one of the best websites in the world, I love the fact that it honours handmade artists from all over the world, I have always wanted my Jewellery to be something people were all over the world and I think Etsy promotes that, I mean I already have over a dozen family members across the US that wear my Necklaces and I want more. LOL.

So T have set myself a challenge to put a new one of my designs on ETSY everyday for the next month and see how it goes, I think you have to do it this way to get noticed in the mass amount of fantastic works on ETSY.

Each day I will post on my Blog the piece I am putting on Etsy just for a sneak peek for my fave friends.

This piece shows of a beautiful handmade Lampwork Bead one of a kind by a dear friend Isabelle, matched in colours with Shell discs, I love this piece probably one of my favourites I have made for a while.
Listed here

Cross fingers it works out.

Take care and love to all.

P.S. Watch this space as I received an amazing gift from my number one friend Nikki this morning, take piccy’s later.

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