Grayson Doing Quite Well

I thought I would share a quick snippet of a session Grayson did for Communication Therapy yesterday.

He has been failed a lot by the NHS these past few years, he has had no Physio in over 6 months, or Occupational therapy in over 3 months, but my little boy seems to manage what he can on his own merit. He hates all his therapies as they are not consistent and Grayson needs routine to manage with everyday life.

Life has been tough for us all these past months, Grayson at best is only sleeping 5 hours a night, most days we are up with him before 4am, some days from Midnight, they have no way of helping him at present which is torturing for us all, especially on days when you see he is too weak to even perform his normal. But today he amazed me by doing so well in his Communication appointment after less than 7 hours sleep in 48 hours.

I thought I would share for you all to see.

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