Grayson – The Now and The Future

I have just watched an episode of the Jermey Kyle Show (yes my guilty pleasure) with families who have disabled children, I smiled and sobbed as I could relate to some of their stories, listening to how the outside world see our children, how they are stopped and stared at, how ignorance is still causing so much heartache, fortunate or not for Grayson he does not understand this though, he doesn’t see people staring, but as parents we do.

But it doesn’t upset me anymore, I just smile, people will stare unfortunately, it’s human nature, it has upset Mr Innocent Charmer a great deal in the past, that people have looked at our son like he is an animal in a zoo, but I see it that they are looking because he is so special, he is different, there is no denying that, I don’t live in a bubble, so let them stare, honestly though I would rather they came up to talk to us, I would love people to show an interest, it wont upset me, I promise.

This is why I started Grayson’s Great Funday, to raise awareness for Children like my superstar, to say to the outside world, there are these amazing little boys and girls in the world and yes their needs are different to maybe your little boy or your neice, but honestly their everyday’s are just that, everyday.

Information is power and Grayson and I like to inform the world, when I shaved my head I did that, I felt empowered to have done something that helped my son, to grab peoples attention and our newspaper article brought attention to the fab charity that is SWAN UK, I know of 3 families that joined SWAN UK becuase of what we did and I hope there are many many more.

Grayson still to this day is undiagnosed, he more than likely will be the rest of his life, this is the hardest thing to deal with, it’s hard to know what the future will hold for our family, to know will I as his Mummy always be able to care for him, or will I have to do the unthinkable and ask for help with his care. Each day as he grows and his future becomes the present I realise that we need so much equipment in our home, this equipment from people like UKS Mobility shall allow Grayson to have the freedom and normality he deserves like everyone else.

What is hopeful though is seeing the pictures we this week received on his last day at Preschool, to see like any other child Grayson does so much more at school and to think that on Sept 9th Grayson will start an incredibly well equipped special needs school where they will strive to help him have his independance, to allow him time in hydro pools, sensory rooms and to have teachers with the patience of saints.

Grayson at Special Needs Preschool

So Proud Of Himself


“I can use my hands to touch…”


grayson at computer

Computers Will Be HIs Way Forward


So maybe Grayson’s future will hold a man that can walk, run and maybe even one day communicate with Mummy.


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