Grayson Turns 4

Last week Grayson had another Birthday. He is now 4. I can’t quite believe he has been with us 4 years, there was times where we didn’t think he would make it, but my superstar has fought through against many tough odds.

I have been so unwell that unfortunately Grayson did not get to celebrate his birthday, hence why I am late with this post. I feel like an awful Mum because of this but in my heart I know he has no conception that it was even his Birthday. He had a pretty perfect day for him by all accounts. Addison, Was at her Gamma’s so he got full attention of us both. He got to watch all his favourite TV program’s, didn’t have a wash, stayed in Jammies all day and ate lots of treats.

He will as last year have a Birthday party in May with Addison, it works well for us at the moment as Grayson can’t really enjoy a party like other children, so he just gets to enjoy time with friends and family when the weather is better.

As I was laying in bed I looked back at old pictures of my baby. I have so many, a great deal in hospitals but a great deal that capture his wonderful life, so I have put them together below. Just a few of my favourites.

20130115-092028 AM.jpg

20130115-092153 AM.jpg

20130115-092302 AM.jpg

20130115-092348 AM.jpg

A Poem for My Son

I’d Like to be the very first
To greet you in this way,
To send you countless wishes
On this most important day,
A day of overwhelming joy
In everything you do,
For you deserve the nicest things
The world could offer you.

Love you Grayson with all my heart. My Miracle baby who was given to me for reasons no one will ever know, I am honoured to have been chosen for the task.

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