Today Grayson is officially over 4 years old, 4 years and 1 month. I can’t believe it has gone so quick. He has featured a lot on my blog this past week, as he has been making amazing steps in his development, for those who don’t read my blog often Grayson is mentally and physically disabled and his current corrected age is approx 6/8 months.

So these developments are HUGE for him and me. I want my little boy to have the best life possible, like most parents, but even more so for him, he has suffered so much in his short life and I want it to stop, I know it wont but I need to find a way to make his everyday’s special.

This is hard, I am struggling with my inner compass at the moment, we have had some very awful things thrown at us this past month, every section of our lives is very tough and a great deal of our time is very much taken, but I need to find things that can make Grayson’s and Addison’s life better.

But I am at a loss, what do you do with a child who can’t experience that of most 4 yo’s, what can we do where he stays fairly warm, can scream and shout (his talking) and not upset other people around him ?

I really am open to suggestions, if you can think of any I would hugely appreciate it, Grayson goes off to school in September so I need to make the most of the days he is here with Mummy at the moment.

As this little boy deserves fun….



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