Hair Dying The Natural Way – Review

You may have seen me mention last week on my Love Life, Love Me update that I had been road testing a whole new type of hair dye, from Tints Of Nature. They offer a totally Organic hair dye suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, not tested on animals and from a UK Company. Here is the info…

Tints of Nature has developed an alternative, much gentler and more effective way to colour hair. We use an alkaline moisturising substance to raise the pH of hair instead of harsh chemicals. Our moisturiser softens and lifts the cuticle slightly to allow the colour to penetrate inside the hair, but maintain hair’s essential protein and moisture.

If you follow me online at all you will know I am all for changing my hair colour, this past year alone I have been everything from Blonde, Blue, Black and all in between, I have been dying my hair since I was 13 years old after a wash in hair dye accident and I am pretty sure I have tested nearly every dye on the market.

tints of nature

I was excited to test out Tints Of Nature, I hate the smells of hair dye and even more they affect my asthma terribly, Ashley always requests to leave the house on hair dye day but no such luck as he is always my assistant, he can do a highlight better than I can.

Onto the product, it looks pretty much the same as any other hair dye (although slightly dated models), unlike some of the current products on the market you do have to wash your hair first with a cleansing shampoo (provided) to get rid of any residue, the dye mixes like any other and goes on just as easy, Ashley instantly commented on how it smelt sweet rather than harsh and toxic and I didn’t cough once through the whole process.

You do add a clear cover to your hair whilst the dye works, which is standard in many hairdressers, the whole time the dye was working I had no itchy scalp or warmth as you can with high street products.

Tints of Nature

Once the dye is washed out you are provided with a conditioner, which smells delicious, just like orange blossom.

I dried and styled my hair as normal, adding no products and it felt amazing, so shiny soft and healthy.

The colour took to my roots just as the packet said, the rest of my hair has a terrible black colour (which only lightened a little) after a light brown high street dye went wrong.

tints of nature

I love this product and the coordinating Shampoo and Conditioner they also sent, people do forget how important it is to use complimenting colour products after you dye your hair, Tints of Nature’s products are certainly the nicest I have used in many years, unlike most other brands I have had no scalp eczema and my hair feels as nice a the day I did it 3 weeks earlier.

I am now a total convert and shall be always using Tints of Nature hair dye when self dying, I am also ordering one for my Mom to see how well it covers her greys.

I completely recommended using Tints of Nature if you dye your hair at home, they have a great choice of colours and are on hand to help with any questions, over 3 weeks on my hair has not faded at all!

Don’t forget to check out their Offers page for discounts and deals, for £8.99 they are a little more but totally worth it.

Disclosure – I was sent these products for purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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