Happy 11 Months Addison

I can’t believe 11 months ago today Addison came into our lives. She will be a year old in a month, the year has gone so fast, I never knew we would get there in one piece, it was a hard start, colic, reflux, milk allergy and NO sleep, but 11 months later we still have some problems but we finally are getting a little more sleep. I wouldn’t trade a day of what I have had Addison in our lives, cause she has made me a stronger person. I am who I am not only cause of Grayson but also Addison and that is what life is really about.


Dear Addison,

In a month you will have your 1st Birthday, I can’t believe it has come round so quickly, you will share a lovely party with your big brother, I know you wont mind as you love Grayson more than life itself, you are best friends and although he does not always want to play with you, or sit as close as you do I know in my heart he loves his little sister very much.

I hope you enjoy your party, lots of family and hopefully some friends will come and celebrate with you, there will be sweets and cake, balloons and toys to play with, it shall be a fun affair. It will be great for you to show off your very incredible skills, a lot of our family have not seen you since Christmas and have not seen the little mischievous madam you have become, they have not seen how in a space of 1 month you have gone from a couple of steps to now running (at 11 months it craziness), they have not seen how you try to climb anything and everything, how you have a smile that lights up a room and your mothers loud piercing squeal, how you giggle from your belly and how you get coy/shy at the sight of new faces.
They shall all smile and laugh at you I am sure and you will play up for the crowds with a pretty bow in your hair you will look the belle of the ball but you would rather be in jeans and climbing a muddy mound I am sure.

You make me very proud Addison, you are spoilt rotten and I give in constantly to your many tantrums, but as your Mummy that is my right, I can not believe how tiny you are, I always thought you would be tall like Daddy and your Brother but you are so like Mummy, tiny legs and arms, with clothes swimming you. You are so precious, I can’t wait to see how you change again this next month, I am sure we shall be in for some more tears and screams, but it wont matter as you will still have that shinning smile that makes the world a brighter place.

Happy 11 months my little minx.




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