Happy 14 Months My Princess

Hi Addy Wads

I can’t believe it has been 2 months already since your 1st Birthday, time is flying away from us.

You are amazing me how much you are changing everyday. You are such a strong little girl, not only with your muscles (the mirror incident this weekend) but also with your mind, you can control a room of people far too well for someone of such a young age, you have a way of getting everything and anything you want. I fear we are spoiling you and shall pay for it in the future. But how can I not spoil a face this cute.

You have made some great changes this past month, you are babbling so much more, you have not identifiably said your 1st word yet but you just like Mama do love to talk, it’s so cute hearing your tones changing and when you sit ans chat to your toys.

You are so brave, you now go down giant slides at the park, my heart stops each time and you are no longer afraid of grass. You climb my bed with ease, like a little mountain climber, you are going to need some big girl toys to keep you entertained before long.

You are still so diddy though, like Mama you are not growing very tall and still in 9/12 mth clothes and these dwarf your arms and legs. You are such a Tomboy but I really don’t mind, I am learning to embrace this with your dress sense, although I am not giving up on cute bows in your hair. On the subject of your hair, you had your 1st haircut this month, a little fringe, I hated it at 1st, it made you look so much older, but as times goes on I am warming to it, your face is too cute not to.

I love the way when I get home from work you come running into my arms, it’s a feeling words can not describe, you give so much to me Addison that my heart has craved for many years, to you I will always be thankful.

I could type to you forever, many times a day you do something that stops me in my tracks or makes me smile, I love you Addison now and forever.



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