Happy 1st Birthday Addison Love Mama

Birth - 3 months

Dear Addison

I sit here at 5am on your 1st Birthday, your brother has been up a while but you are sleeping in your cot. I don’t know what to write to you. It’s odd. I have a 101 things in my head but they just don’t want to come out. I find it easier to show you.

But one thing for sure everyday this past year including the difficult has been made better as you are here. You are such a beautiful little girl, with the most immense personality I have ever seen in someone so young.
You literally take full attention of everyone in a room, you exude greatness already at such a young age. You have the funniest little personality. Like a little old person way before her years.

Your smile is stunning. From ear to ear, with huge apple cheeks, you aren’t afraid to use it either, which makes me so proud. You make the most beautiful pictures.

You walked so early and you still months later look too tiny to be running marathons and climbing mountains but you are. You scale a sofa in seconds.

I love the way you greet me at the door when I come home from work, you make me feel like I am the only person in the room and for a second I feel there is only us.

You are the best parts of Daddy and I, you have the prettiest blue eyes, blonde locks and tiny little legs from me and from Daddy a gorgeous smile and confidence, the best quality I could have asked for.

So Addison, this is your 1st birthday of many, enjoy your party, enjoy the love and attention everyone around you shall shower, as you my princess deserve the world and I shall give you what I can.

I love you more than jelly tots.


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