Happy 3rd Birthday Big Girl

Your Birth Time Shots
Your Birth Time Shots

Dear Addison

I am so sorry I am a day late with this post, but having fun with you yesterday was way more important.

I can not believe you are 3, it scares me a great deal, only last week you couldn’t talk and were toddling around, now you never take a breath and run everywhere.

We had a lovely day yesterday for your birthday, following a pretty brilliant party on Saturday. It started with an early start, I think you were over excited, you came down to your present’s, which for the 1st time ever you ripped open all of your own accord, just proof you are growing so quickly.

You loved your new dollhouse (not that I blame you) and played and played till you were forced to get dressed. I thought I would give you a choice of outfits to wear, you are obsessed with animals so I thought you would pick the cat tee, but nope the flowery pant suit was your choice and you looked adorable.

Mama and Daddo spent the day with just you, we took you to make your 1st ever Build a Bear, you chose a My Little Pony, which is not surprising they are a current fave. You were very unsure of the noises and process, but the end result made you smile.

Addison at Build a Bear

You then asked for your lunch of choice, a McDonalds Happy Meal, which you ate rather quickly, as your shoes were bothering you we headed to get you your 1st pair of Converse, Mama had wanted the white, but you loved the mint green, they are so cute, so we went with your choice.

Then onto the park, where we were the only people, instead of your usual playing on the slides, you chose the new Wheelchair roundabout, but instead of you wanting to go round you wanted to push us. Typical Addison always in charge.

So your Birthday picture (taken at 2.05pm time of your birth) was pushing Daddo on the roundabout, you both giggled so hard and it really was pure perfection.

Addy 3rd Birthday shot

After picking up your brothers, it was home for a play, some treats and waiting for all your visitors for your tea party. You were spoilt rotten, a Zoo/Farm to enrich your love of animals, you are animal crazy and so many other very great gifts.

I think it was a perfect day for my 3 year old girl, my little copycat, who calls everyone Darling, whose current favourite words are “indeed” and “my pleasure”. To the little big girl who can eat the most sour of sweets without a wince.

I love the love you feel, the way you hold my hand when out in the car, the way you ask for a cuddle and never want to let go.

You make my heart so proud there are not words to describe it, I am very thankful I was chosen to be your Mama, after such a hard start I promise to never ever let you go.

I love you Addy-Wads – my little Pinkle.




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