Happy 4th Birthday Beautiful Girl!

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that every year I take a picture of Addison at the exact time she was born, I email these to her (as I do many times a year) she does not know the email account exists it is for our future, for me to tell her the big and little things, the things I will forget, the things that we will share when she is older.

addisons growing up

Dear Addison

I can not believe you are 4! How has this happened, in some ways it only feels like yesterday you were having skin to skin to keep you warm as you had an infection, I remember like only yesterday trying to break your dummy habit, or how you would say Croc-o-dile.

Now you seem so grown, saying such big words, phrases such as “I’m Exhausted”, asking to help make dinner in the evenings, being able to get dressed/un-dressed ready for big school come September.

You are so ready for school even though just 4, Mummy on the other hand not so much, I shall be in tears come that first day.

We had a wonderful day for your birthday, like the year before just Daddy, you and I, a day of treats and wishes coming true. Bowling, Build a Bear and buying so many naughty foods for you to eat.

We giggled, cuddled, played in the park and then took pictures in the Bluebells, as per your wish, oh how I love you.

addison birthday 2015

Love Mummy


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