Happy Birthday Mr Innocent Charmer

Today is my best friends 35th Birthday, this person has been my best friend for over 10 years and everyday I am thankful he is in my life.

Yep I am soppy cause I am talking about my Husband Ashley aka Mr Innocent Charmer.

What can I tell you about Ash, he is clearly not perfect no one is, but he gets pretty damn close.

My husband took on a lot when he met me, a crazy family and a damaged woman, he took on a lady who was bruised and battered emotionally and physically, he was beyond patient with me, he cared for me, he gave me the strength, compassion, tenderness and love to make me whole again, I will eternally be grateful to him for that.

We became best friends, we enjoyed our lives together, we laughed and cried, we enjoyed new places and experiences together. We travelled and grew together as one.

Ashley is a handsome man who tries his hardest that I enjoy my everyday, what more could you ask for.

Then this man did the unthinkable he become extraordinary, he became the father to my children, he became our rock, he got us through the days when we found our son blue, when we found our Grayson had brain damage and then when we found out our perfect son would always struggle.

Ash has never faltered in this, he has never not for one minute not supported me on the down days, he has never lost his optimism that Grayson will achieve everything he dreams for, he is the strongest man I know, he cries when it hurts, we hold each other and cry together but he still is our rock.

Then when our precious princess was born he stepped up when most fathers would not, when I couldn’t step up Ash did, he gave up work and took on full-time carer and father, never once has he complained, never once has he thrown my failure in my face, he kisses me when I am sad, he supports me when I shout and scream.

I could not ask for a better husband, I could not ask for a better father to our children and I certainly could not ask for a better friend.

I love you Mr Innocent Charmer, I love how you say fajita, I love you taught me the word “Mooey”, I love how you can throw me in the air even when I weigh more than a small house, I love that I am your queen.

Happy Birthday for today, I hope your wishes come true.

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