Hello 2020, Yes I Am Back!

I bet you all thought I would never be back!

Is it a bit late in the month to say Hello 2020 but my excuse is this post has been 90% written for 10 days now.

That most certainly was my biggest blogging break ever in the 13 years I have held this little place on the web.

Kara Janelle Blogs

Yep I turned 13 whilst I have been away, in fact only last week but I can not believe it, feels like such an achievement and I am sad I didn’t celebrate in some way, but I guess me coming back after 6 months is a celebration in some way, well for me, maybe not you.

So why have I been gone and what’s been happening ?

Ashley went back to work for the first real time in 6 years, I already work nearly full time hours and with being the Children’s PA (all the Mums will get that) and Grayson’s care real life has been hard, to be honest real hard.

But although none of that has massively changed (yet), I realised how much I missed blogging, after a chat with my amazing mentor Morgana she has told me to be realistic about what I can achieve and don’t be hard on myself if I don’t manage a post every week, go with the flow.

So what are my plans for Kara Janelle ?

Having fun, old school blogging what I want to blog.

If I had to label my blog I would call it a Creative Interiors, Life and Style blog, so basically everything, when you come here you get the ramblings of a nearly 40 crazy lady who is loving finding her individual style and embracing it in all areas of her life.

You won’t get that polished Instagram feel here, don’t get me wrong I love following them but my head is always going 110 miles per hour and my style is in turn, but I am honest, kind and love to overshare.

Corners of my Home was the first thing I decided to bring back, it has always been my favourite post to write and started so long ago. As with the last few posts back last year I will be sharing my home as well as some absolutely beautiful homes that inspire me and hopefully you in turn, watch out next week for the first post.

My creativity is still massively important to me, so expect more makes, furniture makeovers and maybe even a chance to make a little purchase.

Lastly this year I turn 40!  I can’t ruddy wait, I love getting older and the confidence it has brought with it for me, so I have made a bucket list of sorts, 40 things I want to do before I turn 40! There won’t be extravagant travel plans on there as that is not a possibility for me, more your everyday things you promise yourself to do but don’t.

I shall be blogging my list and progress, so if you to want to tick off those little wishes then follow along.

Embroidery Art

So that is a long enough ramble for my first post back, thank you if you read to the end and have stuck around through my unintentional break.

I would love to know how you all are, whether there is anything you are excited to read on my blog, or there is something else you would love to see. just comment below.

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