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My heating bills are through the roof high already this winter, let’s be honest I am sure yours are too ? Worst thing I know exactly why mine are, wasted gas, because I have to heat my home all day no matter if I am here or not – crazy right ?

But unfortunately when you have a disabled son (with core temp issues), a young baby and a very old house this is a given. I do the obvious things like wrap them up, draft excluders etc but they don’t really help. Last time I forgot to leave the heating on when we left the house this was the result, poor Grayson maybe smiling but he was so wrapped up he couldn’t move let alone play with a toy and it literally took all evening to get the house back up to temperature.

hive active heating

So imagine my sheer delight when I heard about Hive this past month. Basically Hive Active Heating was designed for families who just don’t have time to think about saving money by constantly changing the heating and hot water, well check that is us.
It understands that in an average day parents are lucky to have minutes of spare time, that those timed hot water and heating systems of the past are just not flexible enough for the everyday family, Hive allow you to now control your home from the touch of a button inside the house or whilst out and about through an awesome app.

hive active heating

I can’t tell you how many times I have an hour to get the kids ready and then remember the hot water has not been switched on, or during the night I wake up so hot because the heating has been left on high, Hive sorts all these problems for a very reasonable One of Set Up fee of £199.

This may seem a lot of money, but they state within your 1st year alone you should save £150, it basically pays for itself and there are no changes to your current system, they come out in that cost and install it all, no hidden charges.

Not only that in today’s society we have to think of our carbon footprints, the energy that shall be saved, all this pleases me very much and to think I can stay later at the Grandparents on a Saturday and not heat my house for the dust bunnies, I just pick up my phone and volia, want to see how watch this handy video, it sold it to me.

As soon as we move house this year, Hive are being booked, I will be able to keep my babies warm and save some pennies to buy them more Lego and Choccies.

Have any of you used Hive Active Heating, have you noticed big savings ?

Want to know more check out Hive’s website.


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