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Although the upcoming festive season can provide us all with plenty of fun and chaos in the family home, what I often look forward to most in the New Year is the chance to start anew.

It’s the home that I really like getting to grips with as I love checking out the interiors blogs to see what trends are going to be big in 2016. Bedrooms in particular are the area where I find we can all afford to be a little flamboyant as these are private spaces and such can give us the chance to try out some highly individual ideas!

Four Poster Bed

I love the fact that you can get away with so much more in the bedroom than you can in other areas of the home. This bedroom in the picture above has lots of contrasting colours and textures, but it all comes together to provide the perfect space to sprawl and relax. And any bedroom with lots of wood is always going to be a winner with me!

However, having lots of wooden textures in a bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be too weighty and dark. This wonderfully white and oak bedroom has lots of soft feminine touches that provide a light and airy feel that will help counter the darkness of the winter months.

Similarly, it’s often a good idea to have a good sort out of your furniture to make sure that any junk doesn’t clutter up your New Year bedroom. Investing in a few classic items is always a good idea, and some of these big and chunky black cabinets would provide a reassuring sense of stability in any room.

Whilst we’re considering furniture with storage options, it’s also worth mentioning that Bedstar’s site features the king of all Ottoman divan bases by Giltedge which can help us all achieve that super-sleek minimalist look that all of the bloggers love. It does this by utilising a secret storage space that’s perfect for stashing all of those winter blankets when the warmer months eventually arrive!


However, not every bedroom redesign has to be on massive scale, as simply investing in a cute little artwork like in the picture above can go a long way in brightening up a particularly austere bedroom.

And if you really are on a budget, then why not indulge in a little craftiness with some of these fab Sizzix design ideas that will add a massive dose of colour and life in your bedroom, and help you get through the darkest days of winter!


*Written by Peter Adams

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