>I am tagged – yippee

>S I Scrabble Letter X
Uh Oh you are going to have to find more things out about me, if you want someone to blame its the weird, wonderful and extremely talented Christine of My Bella Cole (please check out her shop she has the most amazing stuff).

Well this is it, I need to list 6 weird things about myself…. list 6 bloggers and post a comment on their blog… tag them and have them visit my blog to get the particulars… well… here goes.

1. I am completely blind in my left eye, have been since birth, they were never 100% sure but I have immense nerve damage to the rear of my eye which is not treatable, they think it may have occurred when I was forceped out of my mom.

2. My house from time to time can be severely untidy, I mean books piled high, Ironing and just stuff everywhere, but if one thing becomes out of place in a cupboard or my CD/DVD come out of ABC order or the tins don’t all face the same way I freak with a capital F, I have awful OCD.

3. If I am alone in my house, no matter what there must be a light on I can see, never in the actual bedroom but usually the hallway.

4. I talk all the time, alot during the day, when I am on my own I talk to my house or myself and I even have full blown discussions whilst asleep. I must never like to shut up. My hubby always says he knows when I am not well as I am quiet.

5. I love true crime, stories, movies anything I just love to psycho analysis, up until 20 I always wanted to be a criminal psychologist.

6. I can drive JCB’s and large lorries since I was 6, my dad has owned a waste collection form since before I was born and when I was Six my brother and I use to race real sized JCB’s.

Well theres a insight into my weirdness, trust me I am walking weird.

Now who to tag, oh lets see…

1. Sophie of Sophie Honeysuckle

2. Jo of Gemheaven

3. Nikki of Whimsy Girl

4. Genevieve of the Beautiful Bella Enchanted

5. Shanna of Pink Trees

6. Steph of A Little Moore

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