I.Believe Buggy Review

If you hadn’t noticed on the blog before I am a little of a Pushchair lover, according to my family I have way to many for having 3 children, but they just don’t get that a good Pushchair is like a good handbag for me since having kids.

So when I was contacted by Your Buggy Shop to review their new to the market Buggy I really couldn’t say no.

Your Buggy Shop is a family run business based here in the UK, they believe in trying to provide high end products for a fraction of the cost. they have a fantastic company ethos, where the customer being happy is the main goal, also being able to contact someone at the drop of a hat be it on the phone, email or through social media, I really loved this considering I run my own business with my Father.

Pushchair Review

First Impressions

When the pushchair arrived I was a little worried at how long it would take to put together, there seemed a lot of parts to build, surprisingly it did not take that long, would have been quicker if I hadn’t made a basic mistake, do read the instructions well as they are for 2 pushchairs on one piece of paper.

I loved how strong and sturdy the pushchair felt, but not compromising on how well it steered, it literally has one of the smallest turning circles I have seen on a Pushchair of its size.

As soon as Addison saw it was built she had to jump in, she is so her Mummy’s daughter she loves a good pushchair, I was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of room she still had in the pushchair, she was just under 3 and pretty average size for her age, I would think she still has at least a year if not more of growth room.

I.Believe Pushchair Review

Out and About

We made sure we put the pushchair to the test in all environments, we have been using this for a couple of months now before sharing our thoughts. We live in a City but on the outskirts in farmland, so I always need a pushchair that can handle it all.

With air filled tyres and automatic adjusting suspension on the front this pushchair has lived up well to the challenges we have set, we have taken it off terrain and Deacon slept peacefully, both Addison and Deacon have been out to the shops for a whole day and it worked sleepy dust on both (the magic need of all good pushchairs).

Pushchair Review

I feel the I-Believe has been made to handle any terrain you would need it for and the whole time allowing the child to be comfy and safe.

My Top 10 Wishlist – Does the I-Believe Tick the Boxes? 

I am a little greedy when it comes to a pushchair, I want it all and have quite a wish list, here it is and whether the I-Believe ticks the boxes.

1. Good seat size to last up to 3/4 years old – The I Believe has an excellent seat depth/width, one of the best I have seen, I wouldn’t want to put a baby under 5 months in the seat unit without a blanket, but with a pram/carseat that can also attach to the pushchair it is not a massive problem.

2. Basket Size, needs to be big – This may seem trivial to a lot of people but it is a top 5 for me, I have 3 children to contend with so my basket is always full, the actual footprint size of the I-Believe basket is excellent, the only thing I would change is the actual depth of the basket as it is a little shallow and I worry about things dropping out.

3. Adjustable Handle Height – The I-Believe works well in this, with greatly adjustable heights it is not only comfy for me at 5ft2 but also my Hubby at 6ft2, it even goes low enough for Addison to have a push.

4. Parent and Forward Facing – This is so important to me, when my babies are small I like to be able to see and talk to them, but we all know as they grow they like to see the big world, the I-Believe certainly does both and with 3 recline options, my only thing is I would make the buttons a little lighter to press, but that maybe due to my Lupus as the Hubby has no issues.

5. Ease to Fold – To be honest I find most pushchairs simple enough, but when we lend them to the Grandparents for the day this is when you realise some have their strengths, both sets of Grandparents have commented on how easy this is, especially with their bad back as no bending.

6. Good Size Hood – I had not realised until really having Summer babies how crucial this is, but a short/small hood means you are forever trying to keep your babies out of the bright sunshine, the I-Believe has the largest hood I have ever seen, it is fab and to make it even better is also interchangeable.

7. Extra Storage – I love extra storage on a pushchair, somewhere safe to put my keys or a cupholder, unfortunately the I-Believe does not offer any of these, don’t get me wrong this is not a HUGE must for buying a pushchair, it is just something that comes into my Top 10.

8. Design – Yes this maybe shallow but a pretty pushchair pleases me, I really like the simplicity of the design of the I-Believe, the simple black with a bright coloured hood, The frame looks good and it is a pretty pushchair, that allows my handmade blankets to stand out.

Your Buggy Shop

9. Accessories – I do like to be able to have matching accessories for a pushchair, the advantage with the I-Believe is the footmuff and changing bag come included in the price – win! They also for a small price have hoods available so you can keep changing up the colours.

Pushchair Review

10. Sturdiness – There is nothing worse than a pushchair that feels like it shall topple over every times you use it, that shall break as you recline the seat, I can honestly say the build of the I-Believe is fantastic, it feels super sturdy, even when we have taken off road, or it has been in the boot handling a journey with 2 other pushchairs.

I think I can talk to the cows come home about my pushchairs and the above will give you a good idea, but I have also done (a very long, apologies) VLOG of the I-Believe and our likes and dislikes and even little Deacon gets in to show you what it looks like with a cute baby enjoying the ride.

If you are looking for a stylish Pushchair for a fantastic price then you need look no further and with the changeable hoods actually costing £12.50, if you get bored it is a simple update (I am so getting that bright yellow now). Do check out the website for full details of all that Your Buggy Shop have to offer.

Disclosure – We were sent the I-Believe for purpose of review, all opinions are 1o0% and our own.


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