I Just Have To Get It Off My Chest

This is Grayson less than 7 months ago, my little boy no matter what was thrown his way always had a beautiful smile, would always make eye contact, he was never a big one for physical contact but you always got stunning pictures like these.

Then everything changed, I didn’t notice straight away, Addison had not long been born so I was tired but that is no excuse, I should have noticed Grayson was changing, I should have noticed he was un-happy, I failed him as his Mummy, over the past 5 months Grayson has become more and more distant, he refuses to make eye contact, he wont play with toys, he seems down all the time, the only change I can see in his life are his seizures. The hospital believes these seizures aren’t affecting his brain, they are a cause of brain damage already present but I am scared, I can’t see any other cause for his changes. I know at 3 he can now be diagnosed with Autism and that is always was very likely he would start to show traits but I in my head can not accept this is the cause. I am pleased to say (not sure this is right) his Specialist Nursery have noticed a personality change, they say he is even more distant and only wants to be held not to play. It pleases me as I feel like I am not going mad and the only one that feels this way.

Lack of Eye Contact

But I don’t know what to do, I have at many times felt I have failed Grayson as a parent, every time he endures pain, every time he cries when unwell and I have no idea how to comfort him, but at those times I always knew he was happy even in his own world, now I am just not sure I can say that, your child being un-happy I think most parents will agree is a HUGE fail.

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