iCushion Review

We love our iPads in the Innocent Charms Chats household, Grayson has one for development purposes that he also shares with his little sister and we also have an iPad mini, which I use for going on blog events/pr events.

So when I was asked by Mobile Toyz if I would like to try out their iCushion I knew we would put it to good use.

The iCushion was made to stop RSI problems when using tablets, not only suitable for iPads it can house most tablets and e-readers. Angled it allows the iPad to be at the optima position for working or reading on an iPad, being held safely so it doesn’t fall.

Every member of our family has put the iCushion to use and loved it, Ashley was the first and he uses it every evening. Ashley likes to stay up a little later than me and tends to watch movies on the iPad in the evenings, he has found the iCushion perfect watching position when asleep in bed.

ipad cushion

Addison and I also like to use the iCushion in bed, I tend to do some of my blogging in the bedroom as it’s the place where I can get peace away from the kids when Ash is home, I love the fact it sits in the perfect place for me to read info off of whilst I tap away on my laptop. I also love the cushion for use with my laptop in the evenings on the sofa, it lifts my laptop to the exact right height and doesn’t get hot due to the cooling fabric.

iPad cushion

As I said Addison and Grayson have enjoyed the iCushion too, they love to come in our room sometimes in the mornings and watch their programmes on the iPad, finally Ash and I do not have to constantly try to prop the iPad up, the cushion holds it perfectly for their viewing.

ipad holder

The iCushion comes in 12 different colours and is available at Amazon, as well as Mobile Toyz website where they do other cases and more for iPads, I love the iPad Mini 360 clamp, it’s going on my Christmas List.

Disclosure – We were sent the iCushion for purpose of review, all views are our own.



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