Innocent Charms – One of My Favourites – Could It Be Yours?

Some of you will know that for around 6 years now as a part-time job I have made handmade jewellery, I love this job, to be honest I have never thought of it in this way, it’s just been something I love to do, I only wish I could do it more and make a living from it, Maybe One Day ?

Today I put on a Necklace that I made about 5 years ago, I have worn it more times than I can remember and I thought this is not a piece I have ever shown, yet it is my favourite piece ever.

I love it so much I have a matching set, consisting of a Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet and Earrings, I sometimes wear 1 piece, 2 or all together dependant on my mood, the great thing about these pieces are they can be mixed and matched with hundreds of outfits and other jewellery, it’s a key piece.

This Necklace is one of my Innocent Charms “Lucky Charm” pieces, it basically is made up of several types and colours of beads, including some truly stunning Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Thai Silver and Shell. It is such a gorgeous collection of pastel colours, shapes and sizes.

I love making these style of Necklaces, I have done several in all different colour schemes, it is the customer’s choice, My Mom has a purely Black and White one that is very long, my Aunt a choker style in Black and Grey and my Little Sister bright colours.

The Necklace can be made to suit any length and any budget, starting at £10, all you need to tell me is what cost and what colours and if you have any preference in bead types.

So would anyone like one of my favourites to start being theirs ? I am open for orders, please either comment here or do send me an email

Don’t forget head over to my friend Sonia’s Blog “This Mummy Loves” where for the next 2 days you can win one of my One of a Kind Necklaces.

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