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A year ago today we were having a truly perfect family day out, totally idyllic, we walked round a National Trust gardens, played in their outdoor area, had a picnic, fed the ducks and much more. We giggled all the way home in the car, sun-kissed and enjoying life. Only an hour later an ambulance was outside our house taking Grayson to hospital after he fell only a foot out the back door. Within the early hours of June 29th Grayson had life saving brain surgery, we were so lucky after being told he had less than a 5% chance of survival he beat the odds and a week later we headed home, but then the journey started of needing both of us at home for 8 weeks and even then full-time care for Grayson for the next 3 months.

It was costly, incredibly so, we lost salaries, well in fact Ashley lost his job, we had countless trips back and forth to London hospitals, bills still needing to be paid, food still needed to fill the cupboards.

Insure With Max

I wish then we had known of Insure With Max, an insurance company set up for one sole purpose….

ChildMax will reimburse your take home salary for 12 months while you’re on unpaid leave caring for your child. Claim payments are tax-free.

Lets be honest it is not something any of us want to think about, our children getting hurt or ill ! For us it is obviously the norm, but this accident was just that, it could have been any of my children laying on that bed, needing that operation, it was a total fluke.

grayson in ICU

Just as my parents had to deal with a similar situation 26 years before, my brother spent months in hospital on life support due to a burst appendix, my poor Dad working all day and then being by my brothers bed all night, meanwhile my Mum running back and forth looking after 4 small children.

These are just 2 cases, in my small family unit alone, you would be surprised once you start telling friends and family of Child Max insurance there will be many people saying “wish we had it when….” and for as little as £49.50 for 12 months you to can have that peace of mind, so that if (and I hope it never does) something happens to your child you will be able to do what is important – care for them!!!

Want to know more check out what Max has to say, he truly is a guy who understands as he set up Insure With Max after watching his parents struggle when his 12-year-old Sister became seriously ill and needed 24/7 care, so that he could help to make it better for families in situations similar to his own.

Just think you would not go on holiday without insuring your kids, or not insure those precious items in your home, so why not insure for something so important.

Want to know more, then come join the #ChildMax Twitter party this Friday from 11.15am-12noon, where we will be talking all things insurance and protecting your children, there will be specialists to hand to answer your Qs as well as prizes to be won.



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