It All Comes At Once – Growing Bubba’s


So in the next 2 months I shall have a 3rd child in my life, as of yet apart from a couple of key outfits and a pack of vests poor Sweetpea has nothing. Eek, a worry considering he is showing he may pop out a little early.

I thought it would all be ok and that after the kids party in May I would finally get round to saving some pennies and doing a nice host of baby shopping, but it would seem the other 2 have different plans.

Grayson who hasn’t grown for over a year has all of a sudden had a growth spurt, to be honest I really shouldn’t complain, he has worn the same shorts the past 3 Summers, I kid you not, size 12/18 months – he is 4! and hasn’t NEEDED a new Tee in over a year. I only tweeted the other day that both Addison and Grayson were wearing 18/24 months tees from Asda on the same day – bless him.

But he obviously thought Mummy enough is enough I would like a new wardrobe please and has grown about an inch in length and his arms and legs well they are super long, at the same time Miss Addy decided she didn’t want to get left out and has also grown overnight, it’s crazy, how do they literally grow overnight, clothes that fit her perfectly last weekend now look like Mini Skirts or show her midriff and don’t get me started that they both need new shoes, we know how much that costs.

So I was stumped, we have a HUGE amount of expense these next couple of months and as I said poor Sweetpea shall be living nude at this rate, so the Hubby and I looked for options to make some extra pennies, we have just moved home and have decluttered, we tried the eBay route selling furniture but let’s be honest the costs are so high. We then tried a baby event where you sell old baby and children’s items what a flop, so now we are going to sell clothes for cash as we have tons of clothes from not only the very growing bubba’s for the past 2 years but also myself and the hubby whose waistlines have expanded (not due to just a baby either) and hopefully we can get enough together to kit out all 3 kids before they look like the incredible hulk and rip through the clothes they are wearing.

If you have any tips or see a good sale let me know.

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