It’s Just How I Roll – Life is Too Short

I am a slummy Mummy and do you know what I am not going to apologise for that, my kids frequently have PJ days and I wont brush their hair or even give them a proper wash those days. We slum in our Jammies around the house, playing with toys, colouring, watching Mickey Mouse and eating Chocolate, cause we want to. We spend far too many days having to rush to get Grayson ready for a hospital appointment or struggling to squeeze in food shopping/bathtime/a trip anywhere in our hectic schedule, so sometimes when we are having a day at home with no visitors or trips out for therapy that’s how we roll.

With the move last month we have finally for the 1st time in 2 years and ever in Addison’s short life got a garden again, although with this delightful weather we have been enjoying undertaking, we have not been able to enjoy it as of yet and last weekend was supposed to continue in the same way so PJ day it was, especially as we were getting some home DIY done.

Then to all our surprise the Sun came out, if only for a brief hour and it wasn’t crazy cold, Addison begged to go outside and although in Jammies with disheveled hair who was I to stop her, so I put on her shoes, Daddy set up her slide/trampoline and balls on the grass and off she went.

Addison in the Garden

This was a magical hour for us all, we giggled/smiled and enjoyed as she let out so much pent-up energy. It was such an intense feeling for the Mr and I to watch, one of our babies play and rejoice in a garden in such a way, exploring the grass, talking to the birdies, smelling and picking the Daffs.

Addison on slide trampoline

I can’t wait for the Sun to stay out for more than an hour, for Addison to get her new garden toys for her birthday and hopefully for it to be warm enough to get Grayson to even get outside on a blanket and enjoying some fresh air.

Addison enjoying the garden

So right or wrong I don’t care if these pic’s show Addison in her Jammies in a messy state as they also show happy memories and many 1sts.

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