>I’ve Been Tagged

>Oh BIG Thanks to my dear friend Sophie, she has tagged me which I have always wanted to be and she hoped it would deter my mind from my woes at the moment and she was right, so thanks Sophie you are so brill.

So here goes 8 Random facts about me you may or maynot know…..

1. I am a midget, well not literally (LOL), I am 5ft 1inch, which is so funny cause I am the eldest of 4 children and I am by far the shortest I really look strange in pictures with them all, they range between 5ft 10 and 6ft 1 and one is my sister.
My hubby is also 6ft 1in and I love being a foot shorter, although I hate when trying to get clothes, so must of my trousers drag on the floor and get ripped.

2. I have severe OCD but am also really messy, Now thats confused you hasn’t it.
When you come in my house you will see piles of things I have not put away (which drives my hubby mad) magazines, papers, books, clothes, hairbands, but if you open a cupboard its Single White Female – cans are lined up iin certain orders, with labels facing certain ways, my clothes have to go on certain hangers in certain orders (so do my hubby’s) underwear the same in drawers colour coded and type order.
Even at work, or how the dishwasher is filed is the same, I am completley cookoo, I have to get dressed and ready in an order. Its strange but true.

3. I am a mix match of all different cultures/races, well here goes.
Mom – American (hence why I spell MOM)
Dad – Born in England but his mum is Syrian
Nana(Dads Mum) – Syrian
Grandad(Dad’s) – English
Grandma(Mom’s Mum) – Irish
Granddad (Mom’s) – American

I was born in the UK, but have spent a lot of time in US and Ireland as well, I love having loads of culture as everyone is so different and in turn so am I, I can speak a little of several languages, have grown up on foods from all over the world and have travelled.

4. My fav films are Julie Andrews films, Mary Poppins is my ulitmate and I have on video and DVD 6 times in total and even stranger I have never watched 1 of my own copies, I don’t know why but I haven’t, I even got to see the stage production last year for my birthday. My dream is to meet Julie Andrews, she is an amazing lady.
I also love films like Sound of Music, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and sung them all the time, which isn’t so good cause I can’t sing. LOL.

5. When I was 11 I become a Carnival Princess, I got to wear big dresses and go around on a float and loved it, I continued for 4 years as Queen and Princess for different places, I was then asked to do it for my County but my Mum and Dad said I had to concentrate on my studies, I was so upset as very few are ever asked this honour.

6. I have tiny feet well in relation to average sizes, I range between a 3 1/2 and 4 1/2(USA 5/6) I love it cause I can still by kids shoes and I am a shoe addict, the nice thing is my feet haven’t grown since I was 14 so I still have shoes from then.
I have over 60 pairs and would buy a pair a day if I could afford too.
I also have nice feet, I was even approached as a foot model before.

7. As a teenager I always wanted to be a criminal psychologist, for years I took sociology was very good and loved it, then when I managed to finally take Psychology at A’level year, my teacher frightened me so much I gave up half way through and that was the end of my dream. I didn’t even go to University in the end due to this and other problems in my final years at school. Which I do still regret a little.

8. I want 12 children – yes you read that right 12, but in all honesty I am not fussed at all if they are naturally mine, I have always loved the idea of having a big home with loads of adopted kids of all ages I could help, my hubby also likes this idea but I don’t like the thought of fostering which a lot of people say you have to do 1st as I couldn’t imagine getting attached for such short times.

So thanks for taking the time to read my facts, now I have to find 8 people to tag lets see….


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