Kara Is In Here – Somewhere ?!?!



As I flicked through the hundreds of emails I am behind on reading I came across this title – “A Quirky Guide to Getting Out of a Blog Rut” – Quirky Girl has a beautiful blog that I love to read, I have been blogging but then when reading this post I realised actually I am stuck in a rut.

I have never felt so unlike Kara before, I have never felt my blog to be so boring before, don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a Mummy and Blogging about my babies, all 3 of them, but I realised that lately that’s all I have blogged about, I have lost my identity, when I thought about blogging about what I enjoy I couldn’t think of anything, this makes me really sad. I have lost my identity other than a pregnant Mummy and this is odd.

It also became apparent this week when I was asked to write a 150 word Bio, I still haven’t done it as other than Wife and Mum  I can’t think of anything, who am I ?

I need to find me, with the spare 5 minutes I have each day, is that even possible ? How do I go about finding any time for me when I am barely keeping the rest of life floating.

So suggestions, what can I do for me in the minimal time I have, how do I find myself again?

I know it’s possible with the help of my blog, I have seen so many other mums in a similar situation lately, they have focussed by setting up a second blog for their likes and dislikes, but I know I don’t have time for that and as my friend Katie said my blog was never fully defined as a parent blog, so why not keep it all here. But how ? What shall I blog about, what can help me out of the rut ?

I am looking for suggestions, do you have any ? Can you help me find Kara, a new improved one ?

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