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>I was blog surfing the other day and I came across Soule Mama’s blog, she this month has set herself a great challenge entitled “30 days of the Everyday” this is how she describes it…

Today starts a 30 day photography project for me here. A project that will let me explore my camera a bit, take some shots I might not otherwise try, focus the ‘writing’ part of my brain on my manuscript, and mix things up a bit here on the blog (coming up on three years soon! gotta shake things up sometimes).
But my overwhelming wish and motivation for this project is that it will be a part of really seeing. Because what’s happening right now – right this very moment in my family life as these three little ones grow, learn, and explore so very much each and every day – it feels really special…and fleeting. And I really want to see it, in the slow tiny, simple, and very ordinary moments that make up each day.

When I saw this I thought hey what a fab idea for so many reasons.

a. cause I am so busy I do not seem to get to my blog enough this past few weeks.

b. I have always loved keeping diaries but have always failed after a while so I think 30 days is a suitable challenge.

c. I managed to get my new camera this week so this will give me a fantastic opportunity to play.

Love, War and a Vue.

So my first days piccy (sorry sneaked in 2) are of Ash and I visiting the cinema (movies) tonight to see Charlie Wilson’s War, this is the first time we have been in ages, which is strange cause when we first met we used to go about twice a week, Ash is a huge film buff.
This was our first time at a VUE cinema, new to our part of the UK and I have no complaints was very good.

So I will be posting a piccy everyday, some days I will hopefully do a duel post trying to show some other goodies.

Love to you all, thanks for all your kind comments and support since my last post.


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