Listography – Don’t you dare take them from me


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Kates Listography this week – 5 Products you couldn’t live without.
I could have done the obvious like food, sun etc but we all know those, this is fun things, or what I like to say also my food and sun survivors.
1. TV – Or probably more importantly Sky+, I think once you have kids TV is one of the only things that can keep you sain on middle of the night feeds that last forever, also as Grayson has little movement etc TV is his friend and I don’t care who thinks I am bad mama for this as it stimulates him.
2. iPhone – Never thought I would see the day a phone came on this list but I love my iPhone, it has everything, phone capabilities in an emergency, games for those boring hospital visits, camera to record my precious baby and most importantly apps like Twitter ( I love Twitter).
3. Babywipes – the product of gods, my Step mum keeps telling me I should carry a flannel and a bottle of water, yeah right, Baby wipes go in every bag whether baba is with me or not.
4. Glasses – I literally couldn’t survive very well without them, I am blind completely in my left eye so I wear these for my Right which has partial sight loss, I could not imagine how I would get through without them.
5. Cosmetics/hairdye – Please lord never take these from me cause I would crawl into a ball and never leave the house, I have dyed my hair since I was 13 and although I don’t always wear a great deal of makeup I would never want to brave the outside world without the little I do wear.

I know my list is pretty standard and probably mirrors quite a few of the others but it is so true. Go check out the other lists here, or write one of your own.

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