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>Welcome to a new challenge, I stumbled across a great blog this week Kate Takes 5. After reading some of her posts I found out like myself she is a killer lover of lists, I have an addiction to notebooks as many of you may know and they don’t just sit there empty they are all partially full of lists.

Shopping, baby names, things I want, websites to visit, just about everything, so when I say Kate’s – Listography I knew I was onto a winner.
Here’s how she descirbes it…
So I decided to embrace my chronic listism and post an invitation to all of you to take part. And guess what? I found out that I’m not the only Listomaniac out there!
And so, in homage to the wonderful
http://www.listography.com/, and to bring together all us Listys, Kate Takes 5’s Weekly Listography began.

Every week I’ll post a topic and all you need to do is jump aboard and write your own Top 5 list on that subject on your own blog, then just add your blog on the linky, and if you have time visit some of the other lovely entries. You might be surprised by what you find. You can tell a lot from a list you know – take it from an addict that knows.

So this weeks theme – Laminated List. Do you remember the Friends episode, where have you been if you don’t, Ross makes his top 5 famous woman that he would be allowed to have a one night stand with if the opportunity arose.

I think about this on occasion, we discuss it at work, so here are my top 5, shame they don’t live locally *wink wink*

1. Matthew Mcconaughey
2. David Boreanaz
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Ryan Reynolds
5. Vin Diesel

Mmm! So who would you choose. Don’t forget to go see everyone else’s button on the right.

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