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I love the theme Kate picked this week for our Listography, for those of you living under a rock this Friday is the Big Royal Wedding, so to coincide Kate chose

“Top 5 things I would change about my Wedding Day”.

My favourite wedding picture
I have thought alot about this as there were some bad points to my big day which I have been reminded a lot of lately as my sister has just booked her wedding for August 2012, so here is my top 5.

1. Make sure you make enough time, do not trust hairdressers when they say it will only take 2 hours as 4 hours later you are very late for your own wedding.

2. Don’t run up the aisle, people want to see your dress as more than a blur, try and relax and enjoy, if not ask your Dad to hold you back a little. Relish being the centre of attention.

3. Vet speeches, or at least get someone you trust to do it, don’t let your father ruin your big day just cause he hasn’t accepted the situation.

4. Only invite people you genuinely love, it’s a costly affair when over 2 tables of people don’t turn up and it looks bad too.

5. Take a breath, you want to remember your special day, not have a big expensive blur in your memory, look at your husband and remember why you are there.

I am mad but due to the reasons above and more I have decided on our 10th year (2014) the hubby and I are having a renewal just how WE want it, to have a happy memory.

Can’t wait to read the other lists, to learn from all of our situations.

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