Little Bird Told Me Nursing Pillow Review

Have you heard of Little Bird Told Me ?

No neither had I before I received a fab email offering me a “3 in 1 Nursing Cushion” to review with Deacon (yes he has been a lucky boy of late).

1st Impressions

I loved the colours, fabric and design of the pillow. It has the cutest washable fabric one side that has little birds and buttons on it, I am a sucker for anything patterned with Buttons. The other side comes with the softest furry fabric, which Deacon just loves to lay against.

The pillow was smaller than a few other Nursing pillows I had seen, but much better quality and with a removable cover for washing I was quite impressed.

Mr Innocent Charmer put the pillow to feeding use 1st, he loved the pillow and said it gave him a lot less arm ache then before, he found the size just perfect, were as I to be honest found the pillow a little small and not deep enough, I think this maybe purely personal preference, I think if breast-fed this would be perfect as Deacon would have been at the ideal height.

nursing pillow

The great thing about the pillow is it’s not just designed to be a Nursing Pillow, this is a 3 stage pillow, stage 2 being for tummy time. It has great little loops that allow the 2 super cute soft toys to attach too, Addison our 2-year-old loves the toys so keeps stealing them off of the pillow when Deacon is trying to play with them, one is a gorgeous rattle whilst the other makes a crinkly noise, great for teaching hand eye coordination.

tummy time pillow

Deacon does great tummy time on this pillow, I think it is perfect and we use it every day.

3rd Stage of Pillow

The pillow then progresses to aid learning to sit, Deacon is obviously still a little young for this use, but similarly we have used it to prop him up, I can’t recommend this pillow enough if your baby has reflux as Deacon does, this has helped him to feel so much more comfortable and even has allowed him to sleep at times when he couldn’t in his cot.


We think for the RRP of £36 this is a bargain, it offers so many uses and with the washable cover and little toys which can be taken out on the pushchair or used on his play gym it will be used over and over again.

My stepmum says it is even a great pillow for helping her bad back.

little bird told me pillow

Disclosure – We were sent the pillow for review, all opinions are 100% truthful, honest and our own.



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