Little Dish Meal Review

Addison has been a hard child to wean since day 1, she had to start early on solids due to her intolerance, so after being on purees for so many, many months she just would not progress to “normal” food, I have tried and sandwiches are the only thing she will eat.

So when the wonderful Little Dish asked if they could send me some of their new and improved meals I thought lets give it a go.

We were sent 4 meals to try

Chicken Risotto, Beef Lasagne, Spaghetti & Meatballs and Pasta with Cheese, Peas and Broccoli Trees.

As I have said before with my bubba’s I only feed them food I try 1st, I must say I am a little jealous of Addy’s meals, these were gorgeous, especially the Pasta with Cheese.

Little Dish only make healthy, natural food for kids using only 100% natural ingredients, and never add salt or sugar. They only use ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen.

This was the greatest selling point for me, I have over the past few months made all of Addison’s meals, I am not anti pre packed baby food, Grayson lives on it, but by choice I would rather they ate fresh food with all its nutrients and this is where Little Dishes Meals are excellent, as they do all the hard work for you and pack in a microwavable container, all meals are cooked within 5 minutes, so on the nights were I have been working too late to make Addison a meal from fresh these are the answer.

So how did the little madam do?

Well I still can’t believe it but she ate every meal, for her little appetite the portion sizes are a little large and she did leave about a 3rd with every meal but I think this is more because she isn’t used to eating, I think they are a perfect size and as children grow older you could add some little veg to the side to bulk up.

The Risotto was the first we tried and she managed this so well, the pieces were ideal size, I literally just had to load onto a spoon no breaking anything down, it came with a nice amount of sauce so was not dry at all, the only thing I would warn is they need a good few minutes to cool down to child temperature so don’t forget to allow those extra minutes.


Next Addy tried the spaghetti and meatballs, this does need cutting into pieces as the meatballs are whole, but I did this with a baby spoon as the meatballs were so juicy and tender, Addy didn’t enjoy this as much but I think that’s just a personal preference, this meal would be great for a competent eater with maybe some nice garlic bread on the side.

The Cheese Pasta was definitely her favourite, this doesn’t surprise me as she LOVES cheese, this as with the risotto needs no breaking down the pieces are perfect little teethie size, this meal she actually nearly completely finished, I must say by day 3 I was so happy that we finally had food she would eat, I can’t thank Little Dish enough.

Lastly she tried the Lasagne, Daddy fed her this and enjoyed a taste as he is a lasagne fan, he said it was as good if not better as the M&S micro one. This he said for someone like Addison needs to be broken down, but an older eater would have no problem.

Well I think the fact that Addison finally ate a meal which wasn’t puree speaks for itself, we are totally converted to Little Dish, so much so we bought a further 4 meals from Waitrose already, what I will also say is since starting on Little Dish Meals Addison has been willing to try a couple of other foods that she gagged on only 3 weeks ago.

Little Dish use tiny testers before releasing any meal onto the market and I think they genuinely think about how little people will cope before selling, this is why Addy has shown signs of progression since eating Little Dish meals as they have built her confidence and skills.

Little Dish currently makes 9 different meals, as well as the 4 above they also sell…

Mild Chicken Korma, Cottage Pie, Chicken & Butternut Squash Pie, Pasta Bolognese and Fish Pie, meals are available from the Fresh Chilled Aisle in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.

Lastly Little Dish make the inside of every packet a coloring in page for your little one, talk about recycling, as well as offering fun games and masks on their website for free, so head on by and find out more about why Little Dish are leading the market in Children’s Food.

Disclosure – We were sent 4 meals from Little Dish FOC to share our honest opinions, I think the fact we have bought 5 more shows we are very pleased.

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