Little Loves {29th May}


It’s an age since I have joined in with the gorgeous Morgana’s #LittleLoves – it was always one of my favourite linkys to take part in, so I am starting again and going to embrace joining in each week.


I treated myself to a couple of home magazines this past week, I am a serious magazine addict, given half the chance I would buy one a day, no subject is bared.

home bloggers

Home Magazines are definitely a favourite though as Interiors is my biggest passion, I love them for inspiration for the home, but they also frequently inspire posts for my blogs.


We have just started watching American Odyssey, it is not something I think I would usually like but if I am honest I am a little of a conspiracy theory freak so that is probably why I am liking it.


Well firstly I am loving wearing Blonde hair again, I feel so much like me, it feels so right, daft to some but it has changed my whole persona, I feel happier and more in love with myself again.

simply be flares

I am also loving rocking my new flares, yep crazy a plus size lady wearing flares but I ruddy love them. I wore them all the time years ago so was over the moon to find Simply Be selling some great pairs.


This past couple of weeks we have focussed on making memories with our children, nothing big and special, simple pleasures, as life is changing for us massively.

My favourite thing I heard this week was the giggles from Ashley & Addison as they rolled down the hill at Chartwell. She would shout again, again to her Daddo.


We have been busy this week that my creative side has been a little hidden, I made the kid’s Birthday cake this week, a pink Etch a Sketch for their Toy Story themed party.

etch a sketch cake

I also gave a little frame a washi tape makeover for the kid’s bedroom Gallery wall, the card was given to us on our Wedding Renewal last  year.

washi tape


I am a bit addicted to sweets again at the moment, has anyone else tried the new Airheads from Chupa Chups ?

Chupa Chups

Also watch this space as my blog design shall be changing over the next few weeks, I have a theme ready and finally my blog shall reflect me more now.

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