My Little Loves {MAY}

I must say I was quite pleased when Morgana changed Little Loves to monthly posts as I knew I would be able to keep up. But it does mean this post may be a little long, so grab a Cuppa and see if I can inspire you with something I have been loving…


Trying – Emily Phillips

I finally finished Trying, I had just started it on my last Little Loves post and the first 3rd of the book took me nearly two months to read. I found it very slow. But the remainder of the book took me only a few days to read, it became much more than just Trying to Conceive, sharing how the journey can be different for so many and how it can impact on all relationships in your life.

My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

I picked a nice easy read next and as always it did not disappoint. I read it in a few days, they are always a great book for me to just simply enjoy and I loved the Instagram references.

The Teacher – Katerina Diamond

My current read is a very different book for me, very dark and full of some truly graphic murders. At the moment it is several mini storylines running separately but I am sure they are all going to merge into one. I shall let you know how I feel next month.

Oh and let’s not forget the newest 91 Magazine, simply beautiful as always, I am loving independent magazines.



So instead of my usual Netflix binge, I have been binge watching Marvel. In the past few weeks apart from the Ironman Trilogy (already seen) I have watched every other Marvel film and then finally yesterday I went to see Avengers: Infinity Wars, no spoilers all I can say is WOW come on number 2!


I have loved watching the kids enjoy life now the sun has made its appearance. We have made sure to make the most of it out and about, I think even more so since an advert from Velux on a YouTube video caught my attention.

I feel even more so now that we really must get out more, so we have many plans for our next two-week half term.



I have been busy making this month, May through to July are busy for us with many Birthday’s and I love making them special.

Spring Theme Chocolate Birthday Cake from Innocent Charms Chats

Addison had a Spring Themed Picnic party weekend at ours last week, so I decorated the house with things that reminded us of Spring. She was very happy.

I also got busy with my Pinty Plus Spray Paints making a Garden Game, which you can see more of here.

I also started my “Make To Do List” of projects, project one my Seaglass Heart, which has spurred my heart wall in our Downstairs Toilet.


I made a promise myself a few weeks ago to stop being so negative about how I look, last year I was regularly sharing outfit pictures and really started to build my confidence and not hate my appearance so much.

Red, Sandals and Kimono’s

I have never really been a red person, but my god does a Red Lip make you feel good and I have seen red popping up more in my clothing choices too.

And it would not be a Spring/Summer without my trusty Saltwaters coming out, 3 years old and still look like new, which colour should I treat myself to.

HeardI am listening to much more music now we have Spotify and Google Homes, the kids request most of the songs though so they definitely influence what I hear.

Current favourites are Paloma Faith Lullaby and Ann-Marie FRIENDS.

And Lastly


I have never been a fan of the colour Green, I have always been a Blue and Yellow gal but my gosh I am being drawn to Green, in fashion, my pictures, my food, green smoothie and Interiors.

So I think I shall be doing some posts involving Green over the next month – Random, yep!


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