#LittleLoves {12th June}

This morning as some of you maybe coming by to have a read I shall be at the hairdressers doing one of my favourite “Me Time” activities, getting my hair done. It won’t be a massive change like last time but there are some changes.

I am so excited as tomorrow morning I am off to London for the 2nd Blogtacular, I LOVED last years, I came away feeling inspired, creative and happy, so this year my Christmas money went on buying the ticket I did not want to miss out.

But what have I been up to this past week…


So many amazing blog posts, I set myself a little informal goal about 2 months ago to comment on blogs more, I am now on an average day commenting on 5/6 posts, it isn’t masses but it only takes an hour out of my day, usually in the early hours.

I think commenting on blogs has started to die a little so it is important to me as it is a great feeling to receive comments, I have been introduced to more and more blogs this past year and my Bloglovin feed is always full of something to read.

I love this post from Kirsty of My Two Mums on LGBT role models, she puts her point across so well and it is well worth a read.

Tara of Sticky Fingers shared a truly emotional post about her Mum being diagnosed with Cancer and the effects it has on everyone including the person caring for her Mum, a subject very close to my heart.


On Saturday I spoke of the Happiness Mr Innocent Charmer has reminded me of these past weeks, watching him play with our children in soft play for over 2 hours last week was the cutest.

No matter the size of the slide he did it.


I have been making a conscious effort to try to listen to more music. I love music but with Grayson’s sensory issues we had to stop playing music at home quite a few years ago, but slowly we are introducing it.

This week whilst I had an ironing session instead of catching up with YouTube I listened, mainly to the Nashville Soundtrack as I have very little else on my phone (must sort that).

Black Roses is one of my favourite songs, the words of empowerment really speak to me at the moment.


My blog more like me and up to date. If you come by regularly you will notice that my new logo and theme are live, the logo has been an idea in my head for well over a year, it is not perfect but I am a little of a perfectionist so I am not sure it ever would be.

I am loving that my blog is starting to represent me a little more, it will take time but I am on the right path.


I tried out a new lip colour this week to work, at least I don’t see anyone I am bothered about there.

orange lipstick

I have always been very much a pink lipstick person, every shade from pale to hot. So this Orange-y nude is a real change for me, I am still not sure but it went well with the flowers on my dress and made a change.

And Lastly…

I can not believe the next 2 weekends I am off to London, I am so excited to attend both blogging conferences for different reasons. This weekend Ashley is coming up to London with me, he is actually attending an Event tomorrow to which I am excited about, but I am so pleased we get some very much-needed us time.

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