#LittleLoves // Witches, Bullet Journals and New Lipsticks

I am not sure about all of you but I can not wait to see the back of January. it has not been as easy month for me personally and it has been made all the worse by the lack of daylight. But new lipsticks are helping….


Many of you will know I keep picking up books and not getting too far before I give up, I have about 3 half read books on the bedside.

But for Christmas Ashley treated me to two of the new Enid Blyton books as I am a HUGE fan.

Well I read one in a day, don’t get me wrong they are very light reading but it really was just what I needed, something simple to read, a little reminder to my childhood of sorts and something to relax with.

Were you an Enid Blyton fan ??

Enid Blyton


It’s been all about The Good Witch for me these past few weeks. After finishing Gilmore Girls I needed something nice and easy to fill my times when I am not watching TV with Ash and this has filled it. I love anything witch based and sweet. At least there are a few seasons to watch too.

By the time I typed this up I have finished this as well though, I am now watching The OA with Ashley in the evenings.

But I need something light-hearted for doing the ironing too. Suggestions ??

I must one day watch the films as I haven’t seen them.


I am loving my Bullet Journal this month, I finished my Blogtacular Planner (which I used for blogging) and was unsure what to use this year. I knew it had to allow me to do my own take on BUJO as it is the only way my brain likes to work.

Well after seeing Nickie‘s Filofax Refillable notebook I knew that was the way forward, she kindly sent me one as a gift and I have had such fun getting it all ready to start using in Feb.

Bullet Journal for Blogging using a Filofax Refillable Notebook from Innocent Charms Chats

I am thinking of doing a little post on my set up at the end of feb to see how I get on if you fancy it ?


Honestly I look a mess this week. I really have not been in the mood so it has been a case of throwing things on. But I have been smelling lovely thanks to Accessorize.

They kindly sent out their new Love Lily scent*. 

A review of Accessorize Lovely Perfume at Innocent Charms Chats

Described as a fresh, floral and zesty fragrance featuring notes of raspberry, orange and jasmine it has been taking my mind to warmer times making me smile in anticipation of Spring.

Not only is it important for me how gorgeous a perfume smells but I also love a pretty bottle to make me smile as I get ready at my Dressing Table, with its flower cap it does just that and what more it is a steal at £19. I say treat yourself, it will get you ready for Spring/Summer.


For Christmas Ashley and I bought ourselves a record player. Ashley is hugely into vinyl and his stereo is packed away as our house has no room for it. I personally have never been to bothered by Vinyl but am excited to listen to some music on it.

I am thinking Tracy Chapman would sound lovely, so next pay-day I shall have to treat myself at the moment though I can listen to my phone through it or my Fleetwood Mac Album.

And Lastly

If you have seen my mug on Instagram Stories over the past couple of weeks you will notice I have been hiding under my pom-pom hats and behind bright red lips to try to cheer me up. I am really suffering with winter blues, I would love any tips to stop them ?

The red lip* by the way is an amazing collab between Clinique and Crayola. Clinique have taken their Chubby Sticks and chose Crayola colours and replicated them with crayon style packaging and all.

CliniqueCrayola Chubby stick collab review from innocent Charms Chats

What more these are seriously conditioning like Cliniques standard Chubby Sticks, I love wearing it as lifts my mood a little but also has helped massively with the chapped lips from the cold chill in the air.



*PR Samples

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